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The Early Years

The War Years

St Ives post-1918

The Final Years

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The Final Years

1946 Navy League Exhibition, "Moonlight, Cornwall" exhibited.
Western Morning News - Saturday 02 February 1946
STISA Winter Show
Cornishman - Thursday 06 February 1946
St Ives Parochial Council
Cornishman - Thursday 07 February 1946
RI London
Western Morning News - Tuesday 19 February 1946
STISA Annual Meeting - over 9,000 visit art gallery...
Cornishman - Thursday 14 March 1946
STISA Show Day - Will colony decline?
Cornishman - Thursday 21 March 1946
NAG Spring Show
Cornishman - Thursday 11 April 1946
STISA Spring Show
Cornishman - Thursday 18 April 1946
St Ives MP opens a unique exhibition of art at Capt. Borlase Smart's studio.
Cornishman - Thursday 25 April 1946
Artist's Pictures of Commando Training...
Western Morning News - Tuesday 11 June 1946
STISA Summer Show
Cornishman - Thursday 11 July 1946
Stoke Newington
Western Morning News - Thursday 18 July 1946
Scouts' Own Show
Cornishman - Thursday 29 August 1946
Five Young Artists - Borlase Smart presents the work of five aspiring artists, Bryan Winter, Sven Berlin, Peter Lanyon, Guido Morris and John Wells.
Cornishman - Thursday 12 September 1946
Cape Town, South Africa
Cornishman - Thursday 19 September 1946
Cape Town, South Africa
Cornishman - Thursday 07 November 1946
NAG Winter Show - Art and Moderns discussed - "History will write verdict"...
Cornishman - Thursday 14 November 1946
Western Morning News - Saturday 16 November 1946
Society of Marine Artists, London
Western Morning News - Saturday 23 November 1946
1947 Camborne lecture "Constructions of a Picture"...
Cornishman - Thursday 13 March 1947
NAG Spring Show - Champagne and Wine of Cornish Art...
Cornishman - Thursday 20 March 1947
Somerset Society of Artists
Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser - Saturday 15 March 1947
STISA Spring Show - finest since the 1927 exhibition...
Cornishman - Thursday 01 May 1947
Western Morning News - Saturday 03 May 1947
NAG Summer Show, opened by Capt. R Borlase Smart...
Cornishman - Thursday 03 July 1947
Newquay needs Art Gallery...
Western Morning News - Tuesday 05 August 1947
Hull Daily Mail - Saturday 13 September 1947
Died November 3rd
The Cornishman, Thursday, November 6th.
The Western Morning News, Tuesday, November 4th, 1947
Guildhall, London.
Western Morning News - Thursday 13 November 1947
Cornishman - Thursday 20 November 1947
1948 "Is St Ives becoming a Sham Town?" - the quest to buy the Porthmeor Studios as a memorial to Capt. Borlase Smart.
The Western Morning News, Tuesday, January 13th, 1948
St Ives Arts Club production for the Borlase Smart Memorial Fund
Cornishman - Thursday 26 February 1948
Leonard Richmond plans USA trip to raise funds for the Borlase Smart Memorial Fund
Cornishman - Thursday 18 March 1948
Studios Saved...
Western Morning News - Wednesday 05 May 1948
Two Exhibitions... P Lake's Gallery (Tregenna Place) and the Crypt at the New Gallery
Cornishman - Thursday 08 July 1948
Leonard Fuller on STISA...
Cornishman - Thursday 15 July 1948
1949 On 5th February 1949, in tribute to Borlase Smart, nineteen 'advanvced' artists broke away from the St Ives Society of Artists and founded The Penwith Society of Arts. The founder members were: Alixe Jean Shearer Armstrong, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Sven Berlin, David Cox, Agnes Drey, Leonard Fuller, Isobel Heath, Barbara Hepworth, Marion Grace Hocken, Peter Lanyon, Bernard Leach, Denis Mitchell, Guido Morris, Marjorie Mostyn, Dicon Nance, Robin Nance, Ben Nicholson, Hyman Segal and John Wells.
When Artists Differ - a letter from Kathleen Irene Smart...
Cornishman - Thursday 14 April 1949
Art Colony saved from extinction...
Hull Daily Mail - Friday 29 April 1949
David Cox defends the founding principles of the Penwith Society. Guido Morris also contributes.
Cornishman - Thursday 16 March 1950
1950 The Memorial Exhibiton at Plymouth Art Gallery.
Western Morning News, Weds February 1st, 1950
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