Borlase Smart, a life in art...
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Oil Paintings

Works on Paper

October 2020: A number of Borlase Smart drawings and paintings exhibited in the 2014 exhibition and featured in the publication are now available to purchase at Sims Gallery Online,

Works on Paper

Below is a selection of the available works on paper..
Mont St Michel
Mont St Michel
Campo delle Beccarie
Rialto Bridge Venice
San Giorgio, Venice
Old St Ives
The Wharf, St Ives
Wash Pattern I
Wash Pattern II
Wash Pattern III
View over an Estuary
Figural Studies
A Broken Hulk
A Scottish Loch
Fishermen, Venice
Cadover Bridge
Study of a Fishing Boat
Study of a Fishing Boat
Venice III
Venice V
The Devon Coast
Teignmouth Harbour
The Old Mill
A China Clay Pit
Maria della Salute
The Boat Breakers
The Tamar
Leather Tor
The Mill
Wembury Church
Figures on the Wharf
Moorland with Sheep
Borlase Smart This is an inewmedia production